Black ceiling and floating candles

Professor Sprout suggested using shade cloth for the ceiling (found in the plant section of stores), and Professor Trelawney used it to great effect. Hagrid helped tack it to the ceiling, and they hung batter-powered LED candles to make the floating candles. Marvelous!

Putting up the shade cloth
Putting up the shade cloth
Another view of floating candles and the main room
Another view of floating candles and the main room

Homemade Marzipan Paste

Professor Sprout had never made my own almond paste before. But she had lots of almonds, and she doesn’t like fondant…

This recipe called for blanched almonds, so Prof. Sprout soaked my almonds overnight, peeled them, then poured simple syrup (boiled to 244F) over the top, let them cool, then ground them up (while adding some butterscotch flavoring since her family doesn’t like almonds for some strange reason). It’s a recipe from Chocolates and Confections.

It wasn’t thick enough to make pumpkins and people out of, though, so she added meringue powder and powdered sugar, and kneaded it forever until it was thick. She used gel food coloring for the color. And she wore latex gloves since the stuff was awfully sticky.

It would probably be easier to make it from almond flour and adding the egg whites in first, like these guys do. But her way worked just dandy — it looks great and tastes great too!


Unpainted signpost
Unpainted signpost

1. Professor Sprout used a trusty chop saw (miter saw) to cut 1×3 boards into signs, and screwed them to a 2×4 with some stabilizers on the base.

2. The names of the towns were printed at Staples (using Magic School One font, and using Swift Publisher since it’s easier to use than Word for backgrounds), since that gives the words a nice crisp look and a really dark background without using all the ink in the printer.

3. Sprout spray-painted the signpost with brown spray-paint (leftovers from wand-making)

4. She glued names onto signs with rubber cement (maybe should’ve used something else, since the paper puckered)

5. Then she mod-podged over the names

Platform 9 3/4

Several people made Platform 9 3/4 by stamping bricks on cloth like this or like this. Professor Sprout stamped bricks too.

1. Mixed red, blue and yellow tempura paint to make brick-red

2. Dipped a big sponge in the brick color, then dipped it a tad into yellow for some depth, then tamped them on heavy canvas

3. Waited for the bricks to dry, painted in some white mortar, then did the bricks again.

4. Attempted to shadow the bricks with grey, but you couldn’t tell. Urgh.

5. Finally shadowed with purple under the bricks. The mortar should’ve been stamped too, to give it texture. Professor Sprout couldn’t bring herself to cut the canvas — people just had to slide behind to get in.

Stamped bricks without shadows
Stamped bricks without shadows — lying on top of a drop cloth
Stamped bricks without shadows
Stamped bricks without shadows closeup
Brick wall with purple shadows
Brick wall with purple shadows
Brick wall with purple shadows
Brick wall with purple shadows closeup

Monster Book of Monsters

There’s a great youtube video by Samantha Kamilos showing how to make your very own Monster Book of Monsters! Instead of making the box, Professor Trelawney used a photo album, which is now filled with awesome photos of a really fun birthday party.


3-ring binder covered with hairy fabric. The bump in the middle was made with old fabric scraps all bunched up under the hairy fabric. The eyes are marbles with sharpie pupils drawn in, hot-glued to the fabric.



Making the teeth
Professor Trelawney baking the gums and teeth!

Hogwarts Decorations


Professor Trelawney transformed her tower room into a miniature Hogwarts for the kids. She’s a demon at using printables and finding awesome deals online, and decorations? That’s totally her thing. She had it covered. She had to cancel classes for two weeks just to get the decorations up, though.


The stone wall backdrop is from, as is the knight in armour and the Hogwarts banner, the hat, the candelabra, and the owls, and Dobby…yeah, it’s all from Unless it’s from Or Michaels…or HomeSense……..

Banners from Etsy
Banners from TheDesignDarling’s Etsy shop


Cakepop Snitches

Professor Trelawney made these from Rice Krispies balls dipped in white candy melts, with gold dust. She added Professor Sprout’s royal icing wings afterwards, with help from one of the castle ghosts. They were scrumptious!

Cake pops before wings
Cake pops before wings
Rice krispies balls dipped in white candy melts with gold dust. Wings are royal icing, added after candy hardened.
Most wings weren’t upside down…oh well.


Chicaandjo have a wonderful package with printables for all kinds of stuff for Honeydukes, including Bertie Botts Beans, Fizzing Whizzbees, Sugar Quills, and Chocolate Frogs. Professor Trelawney used these for making the Honeydukes table look awesome.

Prof. Trelawney got the chocolate molds for Fizzing Whizzbees and Chocolate Frogs from Chica and Jo on She dipped and molded and cooked like a demon to get all this done in time.

chocolate frogs
Chocolate Frogs and Fizzing Whizzbees; Fizzing Whizzbees have pop rocks in them to make them fizz.
Sugar quills (from royal icing, with lollypop sticks for the pointy ends)
Professor Sprout made Sugar Quills from royal icing, with lollypop sticks for the pointy ends. She made the snitch pop wings the same way.